About Meta Levin

Meta L. Levin is a freelance writer and editor, who can give articles the WOW factor that keeps your readers coming back for more. From the Wall Street Journal to Landscape Contractor Magazine, Meta has shown that she can handle even the most complex topic, partnering with her clients to translate unfamiliar terms and multifaceted details into attention-grabbing, clear and understandable pieces for everything from articles to brochures.

“Aisha Williams speaks the language of finance. Just as important to her job as an investment officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank, she also speaks English and Spanish, and is learning French.” From “Preparing for Global Financial Careers,” by Meta L. Levin, Wall Street Journal Special Sections.

“The analog and the digital are harmonizing in the green industry in the form of websites, providing new tools to help landscape contractors attract, qualify and serve their customers.” From “The Greening of the Internet,” by Meta L. Levin, Landscape Contractor Magazine.

Meta also is a skilled editor, who will work with you, as she does with cyber and physical security experts who write for the InfraGard National Members Alliance publication, “The Gardian,” to turn even the most disjointed piece into something that makes sense to your audience. As a ghostwriter, she partners with clients to write articles that clearly mirror their ideas and concepts using the unique quality of their own voices.

“Is there a pink elephant crashing around your office, fumbling through procedures and trumpeting loudly to smash the calm of the day? If you’re like many dental offices, the pink elephant in the room is breaking down trust, threatening to destroy everything you’re building.” From ghost written column that appeared on the Pink Tooth website. The “pink elephant” analogy is the client’s and Meta’s job was to make it clear to the readers.

Make Meta a part of your team.